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Things to Do If You Discover Asbestos in Your House

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For those who don’t know, asbestos is a natural fiber. However, you can find it inside offices and houses around the world. Asbestos is a threat to every person and can cause serious diseases. This includes cancer.

That’s the main reason why homeowners are hiring asbestos removal Grand Junction services to get rid of asbestos in their house. Here are a couple of things you should do if you discover asbestos in your home.

Figure Out If It is Really Asbestos

Possibilities are that your home contains asbestos if it was renovated or constructed before 1990. If this is the case, you may have to call a local asbestos removal company. But, oftentimes, it is better to leave asbestos untouched if it does not present any impending health threat. For instance, if there is no visible damage or cracks, it is often ideal to leave them be if you realize that the walls in your home have asbestos.

On the other hand, if you see any damage or cracks in your house and believe that your home was renovated or constructed before 1990, then it is time to call a professional asbestos removal company.

Don’t Disturb or Touch Asbestos

Because of its physical structure, asbestos can only present a severe health threat if you disturb it. For those who don’t know, asbestos is made of small fibers. These fibers can become airborne and can be inhaled if touched.

This presents a severe health threat since asbestos fibers stay in the lungs. This can then result in harmful health problems. This includes aggressive lung cancer, such as mesothelioma. Thus, it’s always ideal not to disturb or touch asbestos if you have them in your house. You’ve got to call an asbestos removal company right away.

Inform Your Local Government, Neighbors, and Landlord

Before you sign the contract and move in, it’s always ideal to inquire about the documents concerning the presence of asbestos in your new home. The truth is that in a couple of states, estate agents and landlords are legally required to share asbestos details with potential tenants.

If you discover asbestos in your house, you have to inform the estate agency and the landlord handling the property if you are already living in a rented property. It’s ideal to call them and write an email. Also, you’ve got to keep copies of your communication. This is to ensure that the estate agency and the landlord will be the ones who will pay for the asbestos removal service if it is required.

Aside from presenting a danger to you and your family, asbestos can also present a risk to individuals living in close proximity to your home. Because of this, it is always ideal to inform your neighbors about the problem. You should inform them that you are planning to hire a residential asbestos removal company to check your home and deal with the problem.

You can also ask for recommendations from your local government health officer, aside from calling a residential asbestos removal company.

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