What is Prenatal Massage?

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Have you ever thought of having a massage while being pregnant but afraid it might go wrong? If yes, then keeping in touch with this article will help you big time! 


 As we all know, women during pregnancy experience anatomical changes in the body. Sometimes, pregnant women feel discomfort and muscle pain due to pregnancy. They might also experience stress and depression during the pregnancy. But, when you are in this state, remember that you need to get rid of the things that might put yourself and your baby in danger. 


One of the most relaxing ways to avoid stress and body pain during pregnancy is through prenatal massage. Prenatal massage is a full body massage for pregnant women from a skilled, trained, and licensed Professional massage therapist, San Diego. It will help you reduce stress; relieve pains from swollen joints, and many more.  


Prenatal massage is not new to our knowledge. It is well-known by different countries over the world. Unlike a regular massage, pregnant women should ask permission from their doctors if they are allowed to do the massage. Usually, pregnant women who are in their first trimester should avoid prenatal massage. 


What happens during the Prenatal Massage?  

During the prenatal massage, the pregnant women need to lay on their sides with a comfortable pillow. They are not allowed to lay flat on their backs and lay on their stomach.  


Also, there are specific massage oils that a massage therapist should avoid to prevent contraction. For instance, they are not allowed to use cinnamon and rosemary oils. There are also parts of the body that a massage therapist should avoid like, the abdomen and pressure joints.  


What are the benefits of Prenatal Massage? 

Prenatal massage is beneficial to pregnant women. We could not deny that once the light strokes touch our muscles, we will feel a soothing effect. 


Moreover, here are the benefits of prenatal massage: 

  1. It helps pregnant women reduce stress. Normally, pregnant women have many things on their minds. They might think of problems with their finances, health, and many more. With the prenatal massage, pregnant women will avoid the signs of stress like increasing pulse rate and tightening of muscles. 
  1. Pregnant massage will help pregnant women alleviate soreness of joints and muscle tightness. It improves the flexibility of your muscle. 
  1. Good sleep plays a crucial role in the health of pregnant women. Many pregnant women experience difficulties in having a good sleep because of stress and depression at night. Well, a prenatal massage will help you get through this. 
  1. Prenatal massage will help to reduce headaches and heartburn. With the hormonal imbalance that happens during pregnancy, excessive headaches might occur. Also, heartburn usually occurs during pregnancy. With a proper prenatal massage, everything will be easy for pregnant women. 
  1. Research shows that prenatal massage has an impact on having an easy delivery. Because of its benefits, many pregnant women do not have a long time to deliver their babies. It also reduces the chance of having premature labor. 
  1. A prenatal massage will help in getting rid of the back pains that the mothers are suffering. It will give a comforting and calming feeling that enables the pregnant women to feel pleasant. 



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